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Would a Plastic Container Display Benefit Your Store?


Simply put, yes – a plastic container display would benefit your store. Whether you run a small convenience store that caters to travelers or a large chain that offers everything from grocery items to clothing, a plastic container display can help you better organize your merchandise and making shopping more convenient for your customers.

However, before you decide whether to utilize plastic containers and how you can go about creating a display, you need to think about the kinds of merchandise your store sells and how much room you have to work with inside your store.

Consider Your Store’s Merchandise

Because they’re available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, plastic containers can help you better organize, store, and display your store’s merchandise. Convenience store displays that incorporate plastic containers help keep containers of related merchandise close to one another, thus helping customers have a more convenient shopping experience.

As you’re deciding whether to use a plastic container display for your store’s merchandise, consider both the size and weight of the items. If the products are fairly small and lightweight, keeping them in plastic containers and arranging those containers on a rack similar to a convenience store rack makes sense for both you and your customers.

On the other hand, if your items are larger and you require sizeable plastic containers to hold them, a rack might not work for you; however, that doesn’t mean you can’t create an attractive display with your plastic containers by arranging them for convenient accessibility.

Consider Your Store’s Space

Plastic container displays, including wire display racks, are versatile enough for nearly every kind of store. The key is to choose a way to display your plastic containers in such a way that fits your store’s space. Oftentimes this means choosing convenience store racks or wire displays in sizes that comfortably fit in your store’s aisle, on the countertops, or near the register.

For aisles, you can find plastic container displays in a wide variety of sizes. If your aisles aren’t very wide, you might want to look at tall, narrow racks for your display. If your aisles offer more room, consider winder racks that might allow space for more plastic containers. Remember, you can also situate your plastic containers at the beginnings and ends of aisles if you don’t have enough room in the actual aisle themselves.

Countertops and spaces near cash registers generally require small display racks for plastic containers. Depending on the length of your counter, or how much space you have around your register, you might be able to get away with a slightly wide plastic or wire display rack; however, more often than not, if a store’s plastic container display is located on the countertop and near the cash register it will need to be short. This allows your customers to see any kind of merchandise you might keep on shelves behind the counter as well as keeps your view of the store clear.

Most stores can benefit from at least one plastic container display. To create the right display for your store, simply think about the kind of merchandise your store sells as well as how much space you have to work with.

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Author:Leonard Rogers