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VeriFone Ruby along with C-Store Office: Partners in Productivity


VeriFone is a complete world leader in electronic and digital payment processing products and services. The corporation offers electronic digital payment products and services to the retail, banking, health-related, and restaurant/hotel ventures on five continents. In the C store market, it sells the extremely popular VeriFone Ruby point of sale (POS) product. The VeriFone Ruby is created specifically for the C store sector and works with numerous fuel controllers and furthermore handling store transactions with efficiency and accurateness.

The VeriFone Ruby boasts a transparent, organic upgrade direction for C store users, and therefore the system can increase in functionality as the retailer’s needs and wants change. VeriFone designs upgrades around the popular standards common in the industry like TCP/IP and EDI. VeriFone Ruby users can be positive that the hardware they own nowadays will be compatible with advancements that are produced in the coming years. The VeriFone Ruby Supersystem serves as a complete integrated solution that offers a POS, touchscreen and credit card reader all in one hassle-free system. The Sapphire site controller dramatically enhances the capabilities of the VeriFone Ruby POS with practically unlimited storage capacity for PLUs in addition to shift reports. And the Topaz touch-screen unit is a useful, easy to learn interface which will have C store cashiers working at top productiveness in a short time.

In order to even further increase the value and usability of the VeriFone Ruby POS, the manufacturer has additionally created a network of third-party technology providers that offer up additional solutions that are that will work with the Ruby product. In the field of back office technology, one VeriFone Ruby business partner really is unique. C-Store Office provided by Petrosoft is a 100 percent compatible solution that can be the correct choice for every C store enterprise.

C-store Office increases the features of the VeriFone Ruby POS with over two hundred unique reports that up-date on every shift and give the retailer a perfect overview of where the organization is at every day. Reports on ending store and petrol inventories, hours worked by employees, sales totals, purchases, current financials and the latest inventory quantities can be found anytime, anywhere, because C-Store Office is actually a cloud based solution delivering 24/7 access.

C-Store office provides in depth itemized sales reports from the VeriFone Ruby POS and will likewise accept computerized invoices at item level. Petrosoft likewise has a specialized paper invoice processing service that produces item level EDI statements from paper docs too. C store owners can begin keeping track of all products on hand at item level easily and quickly with C-Store Office. The system delivers thorough data on over stocked and under stocked items, dead items and greatest sellers that can help boost inventory quality. C-Store Office will even do computerized orders based upon actual on hand amounts so C store staff get order amounts exact. C store owners utilizing C-Store Office and VeriFone Ruby technology should be expecting to see their merchandise expenses drop perhaps up to thirty percent as they definitely perfect inventory management. Partner the VeriFone Ruby and C-Store Office to maximize profits and productivity on your C store organization.

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Author:Leonard Rogers