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Utilize Store Software to assure Your Ability To Succeed


If you manage your inventory properly, control shrinkage and keep employees as efficient as possible, your sales and profits will continuously increase. Do a bad job at these tasks and you might be out of business very soon. However, these are not simple tasks and even the most experienced managers and owners can benefit from some automation that can help manage their companies.

The C-Store Office back office system produced by Petrosoft LLC is store software that gives tools with the power to help business owners handle inventory buying, financials and employee expenses, sales forecasts, fuel pricing along with a wide range of other issues critical to the c-store business. Having C-Store Office store software in place, owners and managers can have the information they need to effectively manage the business while using their time and staff time efficiently. With C-store Office you are able to control store inventory at item-level, efficiently adjust fuel margins on a regular basis, automate fuel inventory calculations and also project fuel shipping and delivery dates.

C-Store Office convenience store software delivers reports that show you exact, item-level data on the state of your inventory as well as inventory levels. You view over stocks, understocks and dead items so you will always be able to find problems in inventory quickly adjust inventory to get the most out of your investment. And C-Store Office store software also will report about the fast-moving items in your inventory too, and utilize automatic ordering functions to ensure that you will be well-stocked in the items that are favored by your customers.

Automated ordering of inventory is just one of the areas in which C-Store Office store software will help you automate time intensive duties and drastically reduce the amount of time your supervisors devote to paperwork. With computerized ordering from C-Store Office, your store software will help you complete the ordering process within fifteen minutes, instead of the hours and hours required to get it done manually. And your purchases will be dependent on what you really have on your shelves, not on the store (manager|supervisors) best estimate or a salespersons suggestion.

C-Store Office automatically updates your financials on every shift and will instantaneously transfer financial information to almost any popular accounting package, so not merely will your current financials be more accurate, with the chance for human error lessened, but they will get done in a fraction of the time with much less work for bookkeepers.

On average, C-store Office store software will be able to eliminate as much as seventy-five percent of the routine paperwork you have to do in the stores. This will let you lower the time you spend on low level paperwork tasks and free up the time you need to think and plan the future of the company. It will free up your supervisors to spend more hours with personnel and customers, as well. C-Store Office store software delivers the power of automation for your c-store enterprise to help you become more productive and more profitable.

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Author:Leonard Rogers