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Top C Store Distributors

Top C Store Distributors

Distributors are essential parts of a supply chain. Convenience store distributors supply convenience goods from the manufacturer to retail convenience stores. C-store distributors are rated on a number of factors including range of products; strength of distribution network; delivery system and customer service.

Some distributors have proven to be top of this game. Below is a list of some of them:

McLane Company

The McLane Company is made up of a grocery company (McLane grocery) and a food service supply (Mc Lane Food Service). They are top of the list for good reasons. They supply up to 50000 different products to a hundred distribution centers over about 90000 locations in the United States.

Core-Mark Holding

Core-Mark is appraised as one of the largest convenience store distributors companies. They are known not only for their wide range of products, but also the additional services they offer to customers by preferring solutions to their marketing and technology problems. They cover up to 29000 locations, supplying groceries, drugs, farm produce and other products. They make annual sales up to 10 billion dollars.

Eby-Brown Company

Privately owned by the Same family, Eby-Brown Company is the largest privately-owned distributor in the United States. They supply candy, tobacco, fresh sandwiches and other convenience products to 13,500 retail stores. Eby-Brown has a remarkable warehouse space measuring 1,433,000 square feet. Annual returns of this convenience store distributor rise up to 4.5 billion dollars.

HT Hackney Company

With headquarter in Knoxville Tennessee, the HT Hackney Company runs distribution of more than 40000 various products to over 21000 locations in the United States.

This privately-owned company distributes grocery items, snacks, tobacco products and beverages. They offer excellent customer service giving tailored solutions to every customer. They are recorded to have 5.9 billion dollars revenue yearly.

GSC Enterprises

This privately-owned convenience store distribution company has grown to be one of the topmost in the business because of their focus on building trust in their customers by providing them with the best. Grocery Supply Company supplies grocery products over 7 states and make up to 1.17 billion dollars per year.

Farner Bocken Company

Farner Bocken is a family owned convenience store distributor. They supply food service products; snacks, groceries, beverages, candy and health products. Concerning snacks, they have more than 250 different kinds of sandwiches and burritos.  They supply many locations with over 14000 products.

Harold Levinson Associates (HLA)

Harold Levinson is one of the top links between manufacturer of convenience products and convenience store owners. They supply over 18000 products using a complex and efficient and unbeatable delivery system with more than 100 trucks. Their competitive pricing, top-notch customer service and efficient delivery keeps them top of the list in the convenience goods distribution industry.

Imperial Super Regional Distributors

This company is also known as Harrison Super Regional Distributors.  They supply about 8000 convenience products sourced from their over 300 manufacturer partners.  Their remarkable online presence ensures that retailers can easily monitor their orders until delivery.

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Author:Leonard Rogers