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Things to consider in an Electronics Component Distributor for Obsolete Parts


The rapidly advancing technology has resulted in a greater emphasis on quality and performance. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to find electronic components becoming outdated even before they hit the market of users. Whether it is for commercial, military or industrial applications, it is easy to find these obsolete electronics. An electronic component distributor is the perfect answer for those having the requirement of these outdated parts. In the section below, we have emphasized on the various things to seek in a distributor and the reasons why these parts may become obsolete.

Why do parts become obsolete?
There are several reasons due to which the parts may become outdated, these may include –
Rapid changes in the technology for faster and better parts
End of the lifecycle that may stop the supply of the component
Changes in the government policies
Restrictions on the materials used for manufacture due to environmental policies

Things to consider in an Electronics components distributor
In the section below, we have discussed the various things to consider for those on the lookout of obsolete electronics items –
Certifications – It is important to consider whether the electronics component distributor has valid industry certifications. These may include ISO 9001:2008 and ANSI/ESD-S20.20 for obsolete electronic parts.

Inventory- While seeking to procure obsolete components, it is important to find a distributor that has a vast inventory and provide faster turnaround times in delivering these components.

Variety – Most electronics t distributors have obsolete items that have various industrial, commercial and military applications. The client should be able to access the vast inventory in order to make his choice.

Easy to search – The electronic component distributors should have easy to fill forms with fields such as the part number, quantity and the delivery schedules. Once this form is filled and submitted the distributor should get in touch with the client with their quotes.

Support- The distributor of electronic components should have a good support team that provides 24/7 support to the clients in either helping them find their required parts or resolving any issues. Most distributors have a support staff that is well versed with these components and help to resolve any queries from their side.

Shipping- The distributor should provide local as well as international deliveries of the products. This is useful for the clients who just need to place their orders on the component distributor’s website.

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Author:Leonard Rogers