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Things that Define a Professional Electrical Distributor


An electrical distributor is essentially a firm that stocks and ships various types of electrical products including industrial lighting fixtures. It takes some amount of research to find the best distributor that can offer you a huge range of products and quick shipping facilities. However, the most important aspect to check is the distributor’s relationship with manufacturers. This factor determines if as a consumer you can expect the latest products at competitive rates.

Such firms typically stock products such as electrical and distribution products, GE lighting fixtures, explosion proof electrical equipment as well as transmission equipment. You could also approach them for requirements relating to drives, fuses, audio/visual equipment, motors and generators, transformers and myriad other components. You could source world-class Hubbell Killark products from a distributor.

This article mainly deals with some of the characteristics that define a professional electrical products distributor. Here’s what you should expect:

1. Experience: The foremost attribute that you should be concerned about is the experience of the said distributor. It is imperative that the firm has at least two decades of experience and has done business with several different business enterprises worldwide.

2. Stock: The next most important thing is also a critical factor. The inventory that the distributor carries is what most businesses are most concerned about. An expansive range of high quality products featuring the best brands is what you should look out for. And in case you do not find what you are looking for, the distributor should be able to procure it for you in the shortest time possible. There are several firms that also stock obsolete or hard-to-find parts keeping in mind the interests of their customers. Also, they should have a ready stock of assorted spare parts.

3. Shipping: So the distributor has the best stocks, but what’s the point if they do not ship to your desired location. Whether you are located in the US or anywhere else in the world, your chosen firm should have a shipping network that allows them to dispatch your consignment across continents. For instance, if you need GE lighting fixtures to be shipped to a European country, they should be able to achieve it.

4. Service: A responsive and proactive sales and Service Team is worth its weight in gold. Since such a Team is your first point of contact, you would expect them to be well-informed and courteous. Say you need to know about the Hubbell Killark product range, the sales staff should know everything about their diverse products.

Another important aspect to consider is the quality policy of the electrical distributor. A firm that checks all of their products before dispatch can be a trusted partner for your business. After all, returning and replacing a faulty product causes significant downtime.

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Author:Leonard Rogers