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The Benefits Of Using C-store Software


My experience in running a wholesale and retail operation makes it easy to imagine the benefits of having fully functional C-store software. In my town, during the early 1990’s, a company operating a 4 storey retail store had to conduct a monthly physical inventory of goods. Each inventory process required a lot of people and lasted several days.

The store also had several people handling accounts payables, a lot of employees in the purchasing department and had physically redundant processes in order to make sure that things were being done correctly. Despite all that, the company still encountered losses from theft, obsolete (expired) products, huge quantities of slow moving goods, best selling products that are always out of stock, etc. All those losses naturally affected not only the company’s bottom-line but their retail prices, as well.

But when they purchased their C-Store software, things became efficient and management of the entire business became a lot easier. At present, they only do annual physical inventories (that gets finished a lot faster compared to what they were used to) and everything else can easily be figured out through their C-store software. With both owners and managers finding the operation easier, they decided to put up a bigger branch and assigned the excess personnel in the new location.

Running a retail organization is like conducting a 200 piece symphony orchestra. The different aspects to the operation are very much like the diverse instruments in an ensemble and the most difficult challenge is how to make all instruments play in harmony with one another.

A retail organization requires a good management system for hundreds (or thousands) of retail products that should be in sync with the procurement, warehousing, sales and other concerned departments in the business. At any time, the managers should be able to know the margin for any product being sold, when available quantities of any item go down, when there are products that needs to be disposed (or will expire), when any item is hardly moving, if suppliers are delivering the right quantities and on time, if employees are reporting late for work and every other detail in the business.

C-store software does all that and more. It tracks the movement of all goods and instantly generates different types of reports thus giving the management the exact status of the company in real time. Should any decision point arise, the convenience store software allows them to decide the best course of action to be taken. And with proper integration, any firm’s c-store software can be interfaced with accounting programs making the entire store management process close to being fully automated. Such a system may also be configured to cover the management of multiple stores in different areas.

Nowadays, some c-store software may be accessed and controlled from remote locations (through the internet). With that new feature, company management may go out of town to attend seminars, advanced courses and even take long vacations, knowing that it will be as if they never left their stores. Managing a retail store is now a lot easier than before. Thanks to c-store software.

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Author:Leonard Rogers