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Survival Relies on Managing Store Inventory Well


A suite of powerful store inventory management applications are at the core of the C-Store Office internet-based system. You will be able to manage store inventory effectively, because C-Store Office gives you item-level data on your entire inventory, so you see precisely what is out of stock or overstocked, in addition to dead items on your shelves. This will assist you to ensure that you do not run out of the high velocity items which bring consumers in. This will allow your personnel to spot slow moving and dead items and get them out of inventory. This item-level data is also employed by C-Store Office to create automatic orders for your vendors. These orders are based on what you require to control store inventory efficiently. You will not have to rely on guesswork by your supervisors or on the salespersons recommendations. You will be able to manage store inventory according to your precise needs. You will also save a massive amount of time on ordering. Store managers are able to complete orders within fifteen minutes.

Store inventory can be a difficult issue to deal with. Obsolescence, shrinkage and spoilage can all reduce the worth of your inventory if it stays on the shelves for too long. Most investments business owners make accrue value over time. Store inventory is the opposite. It will lose value over time. So you must continually strike a fine balance between averting out of stock problems and overstocking your shelves with items that will lose their value speedily. Studies show that customers will stop purchasing at a store if the item they want is out of stock around two times. It has also been demonstrated that breakage, spoilage and theft increase when there is an excessive amount of store inventory on the shelves.

C-Store Office makes it practical for even a single store operator to deal with store inventory at item level. C-Store Office can accept EDI invoices from practically any supplier and those invoices provide item level information automatically. Petrosoft likewise maintains a data processing center that can process paper invoices for your business. With Petrosoft helping you, you can actually keep track of you complete store inventory without ever processing an invoice manually.

Dealing with store inventory properly can have a big payoff. Most C-Store Office customers lower their store inventory investment by about thirty percent. Some users have seen a reduction of as much as fifty percent. Just about all users see significant increases in cashflow. Effective store inventory management could be the difference between success and failure. C-Store Office can help make your financial success happen.

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Author:Leonard Rogers