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Popular C-Store Distributors

Popular C-Store Distributors

One of the things you’d want as a manufacturer is that your products get to your targeted audience, and your business thrives in the sphere you have found yourself. Also, United State of America is one of the biggest consumers of packaged food, and convenience food, which is why convenience stores are scattered all around, and you’d need a distributor to reach these stores.

Convenience store distributors are managements that serve as the connecting link between a manufacturer and the retailers. They help small- and large-scale manufacturers disburse their products into the market. In order to get your goods to these stores with less to worry about transportation cost, time and energy expended, you need to find a distributor and more importantly, you need to find one that agrees with your brand or niche.

If you have a retail ready product, below are a few of the popular convenience store distributors you can work with:

  • McLane
  • Core-Mark
  • HT Hackney
  • Amcon
  • Farner-Bocken company

#1: McLane: Founded in 1894. This company is one of the largest and most popular distributors in the country. They are involved in the distribution for grocery and drug store, as well as alcohol supplies and food services. They service convenience stores, chain restaurants and retail traders that sell alcoholic beverages. Proving that they are the largest distributor, they boast of 80 distribution centers across the country, and supplying over 50,000 products to over 90,000 locations. Even with the large costumers put into consideration, this company still proves to offer quality service and on time delivery.

#2: Core-Mark: Core-Mark is one of the largest and respected market distributors in Northern part of America. They began in 1888, servicing over 29,000 stores and markets across the United States. They are known for their on-time delivery, competitive pricing and full-service marketing.  With 28 distribution centers spread across the United States, they focus on purchase and delivery of general merchandise, beauty and health products.

#3: HT Hackney: Founded in 1891. They focus on offering quality services at extremely competitive prices. They ensure that their stores can completely stock their store without having to rely on other distributors. They supply over 25,000 products to over 30,000 market and stores. They have their distribution center cleverly situated across the country covering 22 states, most majored on the eastern part of the United States.

#4. Amcon: Amcon is majorly engaged in the wholesale distribution of consumer products like paper products, tobacco products, cigarettes, groceries, beverages, candy and health products. They supply over 14,000 different consumer products to about 5,000 retailers throughout the United States.

#5. Farner-Bocken: Farner-Bocken Company has been working with customers since 1939 to supply products, programs and ideas. This company is an operated distributor of convenience food service products. Their supply of over 14,000 items includes ice creams, groceries, tobacco, cigarettes, paper, beverages, snacks, candy and convenience foods. With your products ready for sale, you can approach these stores and be convinced of good sales.

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Author:Leonard Rogers