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Novelties Sold in C-stores

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Asides from being a number one stop for emergency items, convenience stores, fondly called c-stores, are also a great source of novelties bought by people. Most times, consumers go to c-store and purchase these items on impulse and in unexpected amounts. The sales of these items are one of the major ways through which c-stores generate revenue. The sales of snacks and drinks are the only ones that generates more income for c-stores than novelty items

Novelties are fun objects, collectables, toys, trinkets, and gadgets such as phone accessories like pouches and car accessories like wireless phone chargers. They can be promotional items for establishments or gag gifts or even adult friendly toys. They can also be whimsical objects that serve no particular purpose such as toffee hammers and X-ray specs.

Animation and comic characters are often made into big toys and small ones which are purchased by people who like them. Candies which are imitations of their colors and form are also made as novelties and are sold in c-stores. Seasonal candies are also examples of novelties sold in large quantities by c-stores. Candies are made in different sizes and shapes and colors in commemoration of the season. These candies are mainly used as gifts for little ones and friends. During seasonal celebrations like Halloween, Easter and Christmas, the sales of novelties has been observed to increase.

Car key holders, wireless car chargers and some other accessories are novelty products commonly purchased in c-stores. These items are bought on impulse by buyers. The buyers are usually attracted to the items and thus, buy them even though they have no prior plan to.

To arouse the interests of their customers, c-store owners and managers arrange novelty items in attractive ways. They may arrange candies close to the cash counters such that the customer is encouraged to buy while he or she is paying for his or her initial purchase. Sometimes, they arrange the items in special racks that make them look attractive to prospective buyers.

The availability of novelty items in c-stores is a factor that will affect the sale of such items. Their continued presence on c-stores racks means continued sales and more profits because they contribute quite a chunk of the profits of a c-store. They are sources of commissions from companies promoting their products. Also, the profit margin from selling novelties is quite high. Therefore, to ensure an all-time availability of novelty products, c-store managers purchase them in wholesale from distributors and wholesalers that supply them.

There are wholesalers and distributors which deal exclusively in the supply of novelties to c-stores. These wholesalers supply c-stores with varieties of novelty products required and requested by the store manager. Some even offer special programs to help boost the sales of the products.

Novelties are very important sources of revenue for c-stores. It is pertinent that they are well stocked and arranged properly to excite potential buyers because they contribute a significant amount to the sales and invariably profits of a c-store.

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Author:Leonard Rogers