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Making the Most of Your Store’s Plastic Containers


Whether you’re running a convenience store, thinking of opening a specialty shop, or manage a hotel’s dining hall, plastic containers are beneficial for your business. Before you start shopping for wholesale plastic containers, though, you must first determine how you can make the containers work best for you. This includes choosing the plastic container most appropriate for your merchandise and the location where you plan to place it.

Choosing the Appropriate Plastic Container

The first thing you must do is think about which of your store’s merchandise you plan to hold and display in plastic containers. If you own a convenience store, you might purchase bulk candy wholesale which means your merchandise might include candy or bubblegum. If you own a specialty shop, you might want to place some of your shop’s smaller items in the clear plastic containers.

Once you’re sure about the merchandise to put in the containers, consider the following factors:Size: Choose plastic containers in sizes that work with your merchandise and the space where you plan to display the containers. Small plastic containers are great for countertops and checkout aisles, while containers made for wire display racks are ideal for displays in other parts of your store.Shape: Most plastic containers are round, square, or some variation of the two, but you can also find containers in common shapes like stars as well as holiday-inspired shapes like Christmas trees. Choose shapes that will work best with your merchandise, but keep in mind you might want to add a bit more visual appeal later on.Color: Clear plastic containers are probably the most common kind; however, colored acrylic dispensers are certainly popular choices for convenience store displays and you can find colored containers that are translucent enough for your customers to see the merchandise inside.Location, Location, Location!

Your store is a piece of real estate property, so treat it as such. This includes realizing the benefits, or perks, of each location within your store. Where you place merchandise throughout your store will depend on the merchandise itself and the various spaces you have to work with.

Consider these possible locations throughout your store as you decide which kinds of plastic containers will work best for your store and its merchandise:Registers: Placing merchandise near registers is a popular choice among convenience store owners. Make sure you choose plastic containers and wire displays that are small enough to effectively showcase the merchandise and not get in your or your customer’s way.Countertops: Your countertop might be large enough so that the merchandise isn’t directly beside the register, which means you can store and display larger items. You might choose more sizeable plastic containers and wider wire display racks for these areas.Aisle: If your store has an aisle or two, this is a great place to utilize large convenience store racks to display multiple plastic candy containers or wire display racks for bagged items like chips.Entrances: Because you don’t want to make it difficult for your customers to enter and exit your store, choose displays for this area that take up little space and discourage thievery, such as gumball machines.Delis: Many convenience stores have deli areas to serve customers fountain beverages and quick snacks. In these situations, small plastic containers are ideal for holding condiments, utensils, straws, stir sticks, and napkins, but you might find that small wire displays and cereal dispensers work well for certain items, too.

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Author:Leonard Rogers