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Learn How 7-Eleven Can Make You Rich


Did you know that 5 Hour Energy made over 58 Million dollars last year in total sales? 7-Eleven who is known for pioneering new products, sold the majority of this new product.

If you have ever entered a c-store you would have noticed all the products they have on the counter. The majority of products on the counter are energy enhancing products. 7-Eleven is the world’s largest c-store chain in America. They are based in Dallas, Texas and the company operates more that 7,600 stores. Globally, 7-Eleven operates more than 35,200 stores in 17 countries.

7-Eleven is known to be a great place to launch new products. They are known to pioneer new products. If you have a product that can sell in high numbers and would fit in the convenient store market, you should contact a 7-eleven buyer or broker.

McLane is a highly successful $ 30 billion supply chain services company, providing grocery and food service supply chain solutions for thousands of convenience stores, mass merchants, drug stores and military locations, as well as thousands of chain restaurants throughout the United States. They can help you get your product into 7-eleven.

Questions to ask you self to see if your product is right for the c-store market.

– Is you product in High Demand?

– Can your product fit on their counter or shelves?

– Can 7-Eleven make at least 50% margin on your product?

– Is the price of your product comparable to other products in 7-Eleven?

My client was able to get 7-Eleven to purchase her product and place it on their counter. He received his first purchase order in the mid 6 figures. He could not believe the amount of the his first check. I was able to show Joey how to present his product to the buyer that ultimately got the buyer wanting his product. If you have a product that is new with high demand, you can get a buyer interested with the right pitch.

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Author:Leonard Rogers