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Largest C-Store Distributors

Largest C-Store Distributors

C- store is shorthand for convenience stores. They are retail stores that sell a slim variety of basic need products and open for extended hours, to meet the needs of customers.

These stores are supplied by convenience store distributors who work with manufacturers and serve as a link between convenience store owners and the manufacturers.

All convenience store distributors are not equal. They differ in the range of products they supply; coverage of their distribution or how many stores they supply.

The largest C-store distributors offer the best of these features. Here is a list of some of them:


This company beats most convenience store distribution companies in its size and distribution coverage. They sell over 50,000 products with specialization in grocery, food, drug and alcohol. Distribution by McLane covers over 90000 areas. They offer competitive prices and efficient delivery to the numerous customers they supply.


Distributing for more than a century, Core-Mark has grown to become one of the largest convenience store distributors.

Their long years of experience goes for something, as they are known for great pricing, prompt delivery and excellent customer service.

They supply many stores, counting to close to 30,000. Their products range from beauty products to general goods. Core-Mark also offers business growing solutions to their customers

HT Hackney

HT Hackney is a convenience distribution company that puts the customer first. For the last 129 years, they have built the company to be the one supplier for any convenience store. They have such a wide range of products that a retailer needs not receive supply somewhere else. Delivery is swift and efficient due to their many distribution centres strategically placed all over the country.

They also offer extra services and always keep in touch with the stores they supply.

Eby Brown

Eby brown is a privately-owned convenience store distribution company, that beats others in size and distribution coverage. The Wake family owned company offers over 10000 products which include candies, tobacco, beverages and snacks. They have a large service area supplying more than 14000 retail stores.

GSC Enterprises

One of the segments of GSC Enterprises is the Grocery Supply Company, one of the largest convenience store distributors.

What stands out about this convenience store distribution company is their attention to excellent customer service. They are on top of technological advancements to ensure that purchasing process is smooth and efficient.

They have a wide distribution area, supplying more than 4500 stores. They sell dairy products, meat, exotic foods and store supplies.

Farner-Bocken Company

This is another family owned convenience store distributing company that covers a large part of the retailing market. Running the business for about 70 years with great focus on customer service, they offer only what is good for the customer. They deliver over 14000 products belonging to cigarettes, tobacco, snacks, groceries, beverage, health and beauty, chemicals, paper and other categories. They also deliver dairy, pastries, fresh and frozen meat, canned goods, desserts and dry goods to full-service restaurants.

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