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Is Becoming A USANA Distributor Right For You


USANA was established in 1990. Since then the company has various products that are designed to promote wellness and weight management to its members. If you want to become a USANA distributor, these are the steps you should follow.

First, you have to visit their website, fill out their online form and purchase a business development system. If you were not recruited by anyone personally and you filled out the application manually, you will be given a 21 day temporary status after you call a USANA distributor service while waiting for the written copy to arrive.

This already makes you a USANA distributor and what you do with the products is up to you since this can be for personal use or for retail sale.

Since you invested in the hopes of making a fortune, you don’t have to get all their products in a single order but rather over time. This will already tell you what is saleable in the market so you don’t have to play hit or miss anymore as a USANA distributor.

So people will know that you are a USANA distributor, you will have to tell your friends and family about what products it has and what it can do for them. If you took some of it, you can explain it to them based on experience. If you didn’t, then you can drive your sales pitch using the sales presentations guides which are available in various formats throughout the website.

But just like any other multi-level marketing company, you have to learn how to recruit people and teach them how to recruit people into their business. If they are able to do well as USANA distributors, you will have a steady flow of income in the form of sales commissions and residual income. So it is important that you only hire those who have the same level of determination as you otherwise, nothing will happen.

Just how much money can you earn as a USANA distributor? That is hard to say because this entirely depends on you. This is one of those businesses which you get out of as much as you put into it. You work hard, you will be rewarded, if you dont you wont. Those who are successful are likely to get a pay check every week that could have 5 or 6 figures but everyone has to start somewhere before making it all the way up to the top. This means that the sky is the limit when you decide to become a USANA distributor.

You may even have the chance to be a USANA distributor not only in the US but in different countries around the world as well. If you read some of the success stories of those who have been in the business for quite sometime, this is exactly what they did since there are still a lot of untapped markets like those in the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

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Author:Leonard Rogers