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How to Choose a Good Online Copier Supplies Store?


Choosing a good online copier supplies store is becoming increasingly more important to your business. The rapid growth in office equipment development has been fueled both by the competitiveness of modern industry and by the demand for do-it-all machines, and as new models appear almost daily your need to source a supplies company upon which you can rely assumes increasing importance.

In order to keep up with your own competitors, it is essential that you also keep up with the growth in copier and office supplies design and technology, and failing to choose a good reliable online copier supplies store could be an omission that you will later regret. Here are a few tips on how to maintain quality and speed of response to your customers by choosing a good supplier that will not let you down at the wrong time (not that there is ever a right time!).

Check out the prospective supplier’s website and make sure that they offer you with a good choice of products. Are they all last year’s or has this supplier kept their online catalogue updated with new products. Does it carry the parts and spares for your equipment? A good supplier should list the manufacturer, model and parts that you are seeking, along with prices and delivery details. They should also enable you to contact them directly by phone if their catalog doesn’t list what you are seeking.

How do their prices compare with others online? You will generally find the larger distributors offering lower prices than the smaller ones, although if you are ordering in bulk you may be able to negotiate a discount. This is often possible with smaller suppliers where you can often speak to the owners than with the larger distributors who have set prices and whose managers may not be authorized to negotiate.

You can also sometimes get a better service with the smaller suppliers, so keep that in mind. Generally, however, you will go for the lower prices. Also make sure that they can give you the right product. If you want the branded product rather than a generic equivalent then make sure you can get that. A choice of each would be preferred, since you can sometimes save money with the less critical items by purchasing generic.

This can be done if the store has personnel or employees that could provide knowledgeable assistance. Look for one whose account representatives have the experience and knowledge that could help you find the perfect product for your needs at the right price.

An online copier supplies store should offer a convenient means of ordering. You could compare stores in the way they handle toll-free telephone ordering, ordering by fax, regular mail and e-mail. Also check how they accept payments. Most will offer credit or debit cards, but you might prefer to pay by check or even PayPal. Make sure that your choice of online copier supplies store accepts your preferred method of payment.

The same is true of their business hours. Any online store should accept orders 24/7, though they should not be expected to ship on the same basis. Nevertheless, there should also be an option for express shipment if that is not standard. Sometimes you will need a part urgently, and 3-day shipping will not be acceptable. Make sure that is settled before placing an order. What is the cut-off time of the online copier supplies store for placing orders? Many of them would offer same-day shipping of orders if you made those before 1430 for example (also check the time zone they are referring to.)

It would also be of benefit to check over the store’s terms and conditions. If you are looking for a long partnership then it would be to your advantage to be aware of the benefits and risks that you have to assume. Do they operate ‘force majeure’ and if so what are the terms, and at what point to do you assume ownership of the goods? This is something that many buyers fail to do, but it is a very important part of deciding which office supplies company you are going to deal with.

Also check out any awards or testimonials. Some have been recognized by different bodies and given awards for their quality of goods and services provided. An online store that has earned a good reputation over time is unlikely to suddenly become bad because you decided to use them. Titles or awards such as “Company of the Year” or “Best Buy” can be equated to dependability and quality.

With the ever growing number of multifunctional photocopiers on the market, many businesses have all their apples in one office machine basket: copier, printer, fax machine, scanner – you name it, it does it, maybe even to making the coffee!

Once it goes down you are in trouble and you must be confident that your choice of online copier supplies store will give you the standard of service that you require without any problems.

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Author:Leonard Rogers