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Finding the Right Distributor


This can be especially true when looking for the right cell phone accessories wholesale distributor to purchase all the different mobile accessories you need to be able to offer your customers.

Consider these factors when selecting the wholesale cell phone accessories distributor that is right for you:

* Authenticity – A high quality product is better than one that is inferior for many reasons, we all know this to be true. It’s important to know the cell phone accessories wholesale distributor you work with offers you products that are name brand, authentic and the items your customers want. With more customers researching products online they can learn more about what you sell now than ever before, making this the most important part of your supply chain.

* Flexibility – You need to have a wholesale cell phone accessories distributor that offers you the flexibility of ordering to let you order a little or a lot. Having a minimum order for the overall order is fine, but the ability to order single quantities or just a few of an item makes for an easier transaction, allowing you to mix and match to reach the minimum ordering level you need to reach.

* Discounts – Most wholesalers will offer discounts for large orders of a single item or larger orders of a variety of items. These discounts often amount to free shipping or a price break on the items. This allows you to order as much as you want and realize if you reach a certain level of ordering you will obtain a discount. Discounts can also be given for a certain number of orders or ordering a number of months or weeks in a row as well.

* Availability – One of the most important parts of selling products is having the product available for customers. The old saying is “we don’t sell air” which is true in nearly every industry. With this in mind you want to be able to obtain the items you need from your distributor quickly to back up if you have a hot sale that happens on a particular item in your store.

The right wholesale cell phone accessories distributor that meets and exceeds all these requirements is MyCoolCell. Let them be your partner in business to provide you with the items to make your business profitable.

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Author:Leonard Rogers