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Do You Think Of Yourself As A Business Owner Or An Entrepreneur?


We reside in the age of the entrepreneur. That’s not a negative revenue pitch. As layoffs are gradually nudging buyers back to mom and pop retailers, and a lot more people than ever are stretching their wings and setting out on their personal, entrepreneurs are performing a booming company.

Entrepreneurship is the new black, women and gentlemen. Compose it down.

I stumbled across an article the other day written by Erika Napoletano at Redhead Creating that posed an interesting query, nevertheless. She asked her studying audience if they had been, in fact, entrepreneurs or if they have been organization owners. It was an fascinating distinction for me, and one I would like to toss out to all of you.

Which are you, company proprietor or entrepreneur?

Is there a variation?

I’ll bet more that you are 1 of the majorities who doesn’t have an answer to that.

So what is the variation among an entrepreneur and a business owner? A organization owner is a single who owns a business. It may be a single that they themselves have started out. It may possibly be 1 that they’ve obtained from someone else. It might be that they are third or fourth generation. It doesn’t matter. The stage is, they run their company and they run it properly.

Working one’s own organization, even though, does not make them an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur truly started out his very own business. Fortune shines on the entrepreneur who took a brave new phase in the right path.

If you’re contemplating the entrepreneurial daily life is for you, I have received a few questions to toss your way.

1. Are you deathly afraid you will mess up? Being an entrepreneur all alone in your business lifestyle can be a scary notion. The truth is you will err. You will err critically. Possibilities are extremely excellent you will fall tough and will need to choose by yourself up, dust by yourself off, and commence all over once again, as the song goes. If this is abhorrent to you, do not grow to be an entrepreneur.

two. Is it a dilemma for you to inform other folks what to do? It is often far more hard to lead than to follow. If you are a follower, do not grow to be an entrepreneur.

3. Can you feel on your feet? If you cannot believe and make rapid, reasoned decisions, do not grow to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs face head on a entire new planet of obstacles they never ever even believed of prior to. A lot of of these obstacles call for a selection to be manufactured in 30 seconds or significantly less. If you are unable to think on the fly, do not become an entrepreneur.

four. Does letting folks know about your potential strategies disturb you? Entrepreneurs have been labeled as loony since the earliest of them walked the earth. If you have a brilliant idea that no 1 has imagined of however, men and women will inform you you happen to be dreaming and will consider to force you back to reality. There will be a whole lot of that in your future. If you can’t stand up to them and stroll away to do your very own thing, you will not be relaxed as an entrepreneur and need to neglect about it.

Now you know what it will take to be an entrepreneur and how it differs from getting a company proprietor. If you think entrepreneurship will function for you, go for it large time and great luck to you.

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Author:Leonard Rogers