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Distributor for C Store clients

Distributor for C Store clients

As a manufacturer with your products ready and want to make good sales, you’d agree with me that getting your products across to convenience stores and other retail traders is not an easy task, as this would involve spending a whole lot on transportation cost, burning time energy that should have been channeled into other manufacturing processes.

The best way to overcome this is to get a distributor to help you do all these tasks once your products are ready. Distributors play a very vital role in the distribution channel. They serve a crucial purpose of conveying manufacturers goods to convenience stores, other retailers and at large the consumers of the products.

These distributors also help in servicing convenience stores, grocery stores and markets all around the country. Some of the distributors for convenience store clients are listed below:

  • HT Hackney
  • McLane company
  • KY Closeouts Incorporated
  • Farner-Bocken Company
  • Core-Mark
  • Muswick LLC

#1: HT Hackney: HT Hackney started in 1891. With their attention on offering quality services and extremely competitive prices, they distribute over 25,000 products to over 30,000 market and stores. Their distribution center is placed intelligently across the country covering 22 states, with majority on the eastern side of the united states.

#2: McLane Company: McLane is one of the largest distributors in the country. They started in 1894 and are currently distributing grocery and drug store, alcohol supplies and food services. They also are involved in servicing convenience stores, chain restaurants and retailers that sell alcoholic beverages. They have 80 distribution centers all around the country, with the supply of over 50,000 products to over 90,000 locations. In spite of the large costumers, McLane are known to offer quality service and deliver on time.

#3: KY Closeouts Incorporated: KY Closeouts distributes several products such as; beverages, snacks, candy, cosmetics, cleaning supplies and more. They deliver the best closeouts, general merchandise, cleaning, and food products on the market. KY closeout is located at Tompkinsville, Kentucky.

#4: Farner-Bocken company: Farner-Bocken supplies products, programs and ideas to customers since they started in 1939. This company is an operated distributor of convenience food service products. Their supply of over 14,000 products includes ice creams, groceries, tobacco, cigarettes, paper, beverages, snacks, candy and convenience foods.

#5: Core-Mark: This company started in 1888. They service over 29,000 stores and markets across the United States. Their focus is majored on buying and supplying of general merchandise, beauty and health products having 28 distribution centers spread across the United States. They boast about their on-time delivery, competitive pricing and full-service marketing. 

#6: Muswick LLC: They supply a wide range variety of products such as; automotive, bags, soda and beverages, confections, health and beauty, cleaning supplies, snacks, cigarettes, tobacco, racks and more. Muswick is located in little rock, Arkansas United States.

These distributors are reliable. Remember, connecting with the right distributor for your product will increase your sales, make your business grow and give you a hedge over your competitors. 

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Author:Leonard Rogers