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C-Store Products, Wholesale

C-Store Products, Wholesale

Convenience stores (c-stores) are known for selling goods that consumers need during emergencies and good they use on a daily basis. Hence, the name ‘Convenience Stores’ or ‘C-stores’ for short.

The racks of c-stores are hosts to a variety of products that are usually purchased by consumers.

However, c-stores buy these products in large amounts from the wholesalers. The following are generalized categories of these products:

Grocery and food items

The most sought-after products in c-stores are grocery items. Canned and dry food items such as loaves of bread, pastas, canned meat, chili, and sometimes pickles and mayonnaise are ordered in bulk from wholesale distributors and sold in c-stores. These products are usually in high demand by their customers. Dairy products such milk and cheese are also products found in c-stores.

Over-the-counter Medicines

Medicines such as aspirin, cough syrup, lip balm, and lozenges which are licensed to be sold without prescription are some of the medications that can be purchased in c-stores. 

Drinks and Beverages

Soft drinks and beverages are items of popular demand in c-stores. Juices, energy drinks, soda, and coffee are always in wholesale amounts.

Alcoholic beverages such as beer may be sold if the laws in the jurisdiction of the c-store permit it. However, they are often sold in small amounts; thus, the purchase of alcoholic drinks from wholesale distributors is always limited.

Snacks and Fast Food

Nuts, chips, sweet cakes, candies, chewing gum, dried meat snacks and other kinds of snacks are most purchased in c-stores. Most c-stores also offer fast food products to their customers. Sandwiches, hot dog, pizza, salad and so on are some of the fast food items they serve their hungry customers.

Beauty Care Products

Basic personal essentials such as shampoo, deodorant and toiletries are common items found in c-stores. Diapers and toilet papers and beauty-care products can also be found in c-stores. Often, these items are purchased during emergencies and the peculiarity of c-stores makes them the option for consumers to go get them.

Automotive and DIY items

Tobacco, batteries, flashlights, candles, automotive items like windshield cleaners and cleaning fluid, transmission fluid and motor oil are items found in c-stores. Most of these products are needed by consumers due to emergencies or they are purchased on impulse due their availability on the store racks.

In conclusion, the range of products found on c-stores racks are very important for the store’s success and thus profits. If customers can’t find the items they need when they come knocking, the store is not living up to its purpose. It is therefore imperative that c-store owners purchase the products in bulk from wholesale distributors to ensure their continued availability at all times. Doing this would ultimately ensure their sustained profitability.

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Author:Leonard Rogers