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C-Store Office is an Ideal Partner for the Gilbarco Passport


Your business will gain utmost competitive benefits by running various promotions that are readily supported by the Gilbarco Passport. Gilbarco also has developed partnerships with a lot of other vendors in the retail business space who will increase the value of the Gilbarco Passport by offering useful and powerful enhancements to the Point of sales system itself.

C-Store Office, the internet-based back office system from Petrosoft is one such value-added partner to Gilbarco. Petrosoft has a lot of experience interfacing to the Gilbarco Passport, maximizing its ability to handle many different types of promotions by making promotions an easy task to set-up and store in memory to use again and again. With C-Store Office, users of the Passport system will be able to work faster. Accuracy will improve and the company will be run better immediately. C-Store Office plus the Gilbarco Passport are the perfect combination of point of sale and back office systems to help make your business more profitable and productive.

One very important component of C-Store Office that will enhance the value of the Gilbarco Passport is definitely the back office systems price book. The price book is not difficult to work with, although it is really powerful and uses advanced internet technologies to automate the process of controlling pricing and keeping it up to date for every shift. The C-Store Office price book enables you to set up your individual categories, take advantage of the default categories in the system or choose other standards such as NACS categories. You have the freedom to decide what works right for you. The same thing will also apply to department set-up. You have the freedom to choose which departments you would like to set up as well as what items go into each department.

The C-Store Office price book also has other productive features which make the Gilbarco Passport an even more powerful retail system. You have the choice to set up price groups and populate them with combinations of similarly priced items. Then should any supplier increase prices on the grouped goods, all retails can be change at once in a single procedure at all of your locations at the same time.

As with prices, the C-Store Office price book additionally allows you to develop promotional groups, too. You are able to group items right into simple promotions, buy-downs and various other rebate promotions, and combo or mix and match promotions, too. Next, you are able to store the promotions in C-Store Office and reuse them any time you like. Combined, C-Store Office and the Gilbarco Passport point-of-sales system provde the capacity to make maximum use of hundreds of promotions without hassles, because C-Store Office can automatically adjust inventory and margins for you on each and every promotion, making promotion managing effortless.

The Gilbarco Passport POS operates closely with the C-Store Office back office system to boost employee productivity, boost the accuracy of your cashiers and give you the automation and timely data you really need to keep pricing accurate and up to date.

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Author:Leonard Rogers