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C-Store Distribution Center

C-Store Distribution Center

C-stores, also called convenience store, are small stores involved in the sales of everyday items such as: snacks, beverages, candy, drinks and other goods that are easily accessible. In most places, a convenience store is usually attached to gasoline stations. These stores do not manufacture products hence they have distribution centers where these goods are supplied from and then sold to the final consumers.

A distribution center can otherwise be regarded as the distributor who is in charge of supplying the products to convenience stores. They are agencies that are involved in getting products from the manufacturers, storing it orderly and transporting to convenience stores for retail trades.

Some well-known and reliable distribution centers are:

  • LA Wholesale Kings Inc.
  • Amcon Distributing Co.
  • Farner-Bocken Company
  • KY Closeouts Incorporated
  • Muswick LLC
  • McLane Company
  • CBD Distributor Group

#1: LA Wholesale Kings Inc: LA wholesale Kings is one of the biggest distribution centers in Los Angeles, California that is actively involved in the distribution of house equipment such as: torches, pipes, grinders, water pipes, bowls, scales, titanium nails, bubblers, and more to these convenience stores.

#2: Amcon Distributing Co: Amcon distributing company serves about 5,000 retail outlet of which convenience store is a part. They majorly engage in the wholesale distribution of consumer products such as; candy, cigar, beverages, snacks, tobacco products and cigarettes to c-stores across the United States.

#3: Farner-Bocken Company: Farner-Bocken company is one of the largest distribution centers in the United States with its headquarters in Carroll. They supply over 14,000 consumer products including beverages, paper, chemicals, automotive, ice cream, tobacco, snacks, candy, groceries, cigarettes and convenience foods.

#4: KY Closeouts Incorporated: KY Closeout is a distribution center in Tompkinsville, Kentucky distributing a wide variety range of products including health and beauty supplies, toiletries, cleaning supplies, perfumes, candy, beverages, snacks, cosmetics, and more across the state. The best closeouts, general merchandise, cleaning and food products on the market are given by suppliers of which KY Closeouts is one.

#5: Muswick LLC: Muswick is a company with it headquarter in little rock, Arkansas United States. They are actively involved in distributing several commodities ranging from automotive, bags, confections, soda and beverages, cleaning supplies, snacks, cigarettes, tobacco, cigars, racks to health and beauty products.

#6: McLane Company: McLane Company distributes foodservice and makes grocery available for merchandise. They purchase, sell and distribute over 50,000 different consumer products to about 90,000 retail traders across the United States. McLane is a wholly owned unit of Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated.

#7: CBD Distributor Group: CBD Distributor group is an industry leading supplier, delivering products to local retailers, beauty boutiques, chain supply, and other businesses with the products and services they need in the CBD industry. It is located in Tallman, New York.

These distribution centers serve as middlemen and they play a major role in the distribution chain. With them in the equation, supplies to convenience stores have been made easier and less costly for manufacturers.

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Author:Leonard Rogers