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C-HANAIMP-1 Exam Study Guide


Despite the fact that the C-HANAIMP-one Practice Check exam is quite hard to pass, numerous folks nevertheless choose to make their energy to signal up for the examination. As to the cause, C-HANAIMP-1 Question And Response examination is a really essential check. it is essential to constantly increase yourself.

Operating in the IT industry, In fact, it is a excellent technique to enhance your self by taking IT certification exams and obtaining IT certificate. C-HANAIMP-one Preparation Supplies certification is a very crucial certification, so more and far more individuals choose to attend the certification exam.

C-HANAIMP-1 Examination Training Components Practice Exams may be a variety of guarantee which you have the highest level of know-how in connection with IT group , Applying Certification C-HANAIMP-1 Exam Study Guide in addition to examination sources collectively with making the Certification C-HANAIMP-one Practice Exam PDF Exam Review Guidebook pool assessment is a fantastic approach to touch up your efficiency.our solution will assist you pass test in your initial attempt, and alsosave your beneficial time.

Question NO: 1
Which varieties of calendar are obtainable for time attribute views in SAP HANA? (Decide on two)

A. Fiscal
B. Factory
C. Gregorian
D. Julian

Reply: A,C

Question NO: two
Which of the following operations can you use when you develop a calculation see using the SAP HANA studio graphical interface? (Choose two)


Answer: A,B

Question NO: 3
Which data shop variety is advised for write-intensive situations?

A. Row shop
B. Column shop
C. Object keep
D. Table shop

Response: A

Query NO: four
Which delivered position is mandatory for a method administrator in SAP HANA?

B. Content material_ADMIN

Solution: B
Query NO: five
What is the function of the savepoint procedure in SAP HANA?

A. Conserve transformed data to the persistent storage when a transaction is committed.
B. Conserve logs to persistent storage when a transaction is committed.
C. Save altered data and logs to the persistent storage on a standard basis.
D. Free of charge-up memory by saving significantly less used data to the persistent storage.

Reply: C

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