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C-HANAIMP-1 C_GRCAC_10 Practice Test


C-HANAIMP-1 C_GRCAC_ten Practice Test

Code:C-HANAIMP-one C_GRCAC_ten
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C_GRCAC_10 Practice Check
Question NO: 1
Which periodic overview method makes it possible for a position proprietor to remove roles from the consumers?

A. UAR Review
B. SoD Assessment
C. Firefighter Log Overview
D. Position Certification Assessment

Solution: A

Query NO: two
You want to assign an owner when producing a mitigating handle. Nonetheless, you can’t locate the consumer you want to assign as an owner in the listing of obtainable consumers.
What could be the reason?

A. The consumer is presently assigned as an proprietor to one more mitigating management.
B. The workflow for creating a mitigating management has not however been accredited.
C. The user is locked.
D. The user has not been assigned as an owner in the organizational hierarchy.

Solution: D

Question NO: 3
Which report kinds call for the execution of batch chance analysis? (Select two)

A. Ad-hoc risk analysis reports
B. Offline threat evaluation reviews
C. Consumer degree simulation reviews
D. Entry principles detail reports
E. User and function analysis dashboards

Solution: B,E

Question NO: 4
Where can you define a mitigating management? (Choose 3)

A. In the mitigating controls workset in Access Handle
B. In the rule setup in Access Manage
C. In the Access Manage threat examination result screen
D. In the central process hierarchy in Process Manage
E. In the exercise setup in Threat Management

Reply: A,C,D

Question NO: five
You have developed a new finish-user personalization (EUP) form.
Where can you make use of this EUP form? (Decide on two)

A. In a stage configuration of a workflow
B. In an organizational assignment request
C. In a template-primarily based request
D. In a model user request

Solution: A,C
C-HANAIMP-one Exam Examine Guidebook
Query NO: one
Which varieties of calendar are accessible for time attribute views in SAP HANA? (Select two)

A. Fiscal
B. Factory
C. Gregorian
D. Julian

Reply: A,C

Question NO: two
Which of the following operations can you use when you create a calculation see employing the SAP HANA studio graphical interface? (Decide on two)


Answer: A,B

Query NO: three
Which information shop variety is suggested for write-intensive scenarios?

A. Row retailer
B. Column keep
C. Object keep
D. Table retailer

Response: A

Question NO: four
Which delivered part is mandatory for a method administrator in SAP HANA?

B. Articles_ADMIN

Solution: B
Query NO: 5
What is the purpose of the savepoint method in SAP HANA?

A. Conserve modified information to the persistent storage when a transaction is committed.
B. Conserve logs to persistent storage when a transaction is committed.
C. Conserve modified information and logs to the persistent storage on a normal basis.
D. Free of charge-up memory by saving much less utilized information to the persistent storage.

Answer: C

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