Top C Store Distributors

Top C Store Distributors

Distributors are essential parts of a supply chain. Convenience store distributors supply convenience goods from the manufacturer to retail convenience stores. C-store distributors are rated on a number of factors including range of products; strength of distribution network; delivery system and customer service.

Some distributors have proven to be top of this game. Below is a list of some of them:

McLane Company

The McLane Company is made up of a grocery company (McLane grocery) and a food service supply (Mc Lane Food Service). They are top of the list for good reasons. They supply up to 50000 different products to a hundred distribution centers over about 90000 locations in the United States.

Core-Mark Holding

Core-Mark is appraised as one of the largest convenience store distributors companies. They are known not only for their wide range of products, but also the additional services they offer to customers by preferring solutions to their marketing and technology problems. They cover up to 29000 locations, supplying groceries, drugs, farm produce and other products. They make annual sales up to 10 billion dollars.

Eby-Brown Company

Privately owned by the Same family, Eby-Brown Company is the largest privately-owned distributor in the United States. They supply candy, tobacco, fresh sandwiches and other convenience products to 13,500 retail stores. Eby-Brown has a remarkable warehouse space measuring 1,433,000 square feet. Annual returns of this convenience store distributor rise up to 4.5 billion dollars.

HT Hackney Company

With headquarter in Knoxville Tennessee, the HT Hackney Company runs distribution of more than 40000 various products to over 21000 locations in the United States.

This privately-owned company distributes grocery items, snacks, tobacco products and beverages. They offer excellent customer service giving tailored solutions to every customer. They are recorded to have 5.9 billion dollars revenue yearly.

GSC Enterprises

This privately-owned convenience store distribution company has grown to be one of the topmost in the business because of their focus on building trust in their customers by providing them with the best. Grocery Supply Company supplies grocery products over 7 states and make up to 1.17 billion dollars per year.

Farner Bocken Company

Farner Bocken is a family owned convenience store distributor. They supply food service products; snacks, groceries, beverages, candy and health products. Concerning snacks, they have more than 250 different kinds of sandwiches and burritos.  They supply many locations with over 14000 products.

Harold Levinson Associates (HLA)

Harold Levinson is one of the top links between manufacturer of convenience products and convenience store owners. They supply over 18000 products using a complex and efficient and unbeatable delivery system with more than 100 trucks. Their competitive pricing, top-notch customer service and efficient delivery keeps them top of the list in the convenience goods distribution industry.

Imperial Super Regional Distributors

This company is also known as Harrison Super Regional Distributors.  They supply about 8000 convenience products sourced from their over 300 manufacturer partners.  Their remarkable online presence ensures that retailers can easily monitor their orders until delivery.

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Largest C-Store Distributors

Largest C-Store Distributors

C- store is shorthand for convenience stores. They are retail stores that sell a slim variety of basic need products and open for extended hours, to meet the needs of customers.

These stores are supplied by convenience store distributors who work with manufacturers and serve as a link between convenience store owners and the manufacturers.

All convenience store distributors are not equal. They differ in the range of products they supply; coverage of their distribution or how many stores they supply.

The largest C-store distributors offer the best of these features. Here is a list of some of them:


This company beats most convenience store distribution companies in its size and distribution coverage. They sell over 50,000 products with specialization in grocery, food, drug and alcohol. Distribution by McLane covers over 90000 areas. They offer competitive prices and efficient delivery to the numerous customers they supply.


Distributing for more than a century, Core-Mark has grown to become one of the largest convenience store distributors.

Their long years of experience goes for something, as they are known for great pricing, prompt delivery and excellent customer service.

They supply many stores, counting to close to 30,000. Their products range from beauty products to general goods. Core-Mark also offers business growing solutions to their customers

HT Hackney

HT Hackney is a convenience distribution company that puts the customer first. For the last 129 years, they have built the company to be the one supplier for any convenience store. They have such a wide range of products that a retailer needs not receive supply somewhere else. Delivery is swift and efficient due to their many distribution centres strategically placed all over the country.

They also offer extra services and always keep in touch with the stores they supply.

Eby Brown

Eby brown is a privately-owned convenience store distribution company, that beats others in size and distribution coverage. The Wake family owned company offers over 10000 products which include candies, tobacco, beverages and snacks. They have a large service area supplying more than 14000 retail stores.

GSC Enterprises

One of the segments of GSC Enterprises is the Grocery Supply Company, one of the largest convenience store distributors.

What stands out about this convenience store distribution company is their attention to excellent customer service. They are on top of technological advancements to ensure that purchasing process is smooth and efficient.

They have a wide distribution area, supplying more than 4500 stores. They sell dairy products, meat, exotic foods and store supplies.

Farner-Bocken Company

This is another family owned convenience store distributing company that covers a large part of the retailing market. Running the business for about 70 years with great focus on customer service, they offer only what is good for the customer. They deliver over 14000 products belonging to cigarettes, tobacco, snacks, groceries, beverage, health and beauty, chemicals, paper and other categories. They also deliver dairy, pastries, fresh and frozen meat, canned goods, desserts and dry goods to full-service restaurants.

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Distributor for C Store clients

Distributor for C Store clients

As a manufacturer with your products ready and want to make good sales, you’d agree with me that getting your products across to convenience stores and other retail traders is not an easy task, as this would involve spending a whole lot on transportation cost, burning time energy that should have been channeled into other manufacturing processes.

The best way to overcome this is to get a distributor to help you do all these tasks once your products are ready. Distributors play a very vital role in the distribution channel. They serve a crucial purpose of conveying manufacturers goods to convenience stores, other retailers and at large the consumers of the products.

These distributors also help in servicing convenience stores, grocery stores and markets all around the country. Some of the distributors for convenience store clients are listed below:

  • HT Hackney
  • McLane company
  • KY Closeouts Incorporated
  • Farner-Bocken Company
  • Core-Mark
  • Muswick LLC

#1: HT Hackney: HT Hackney started in 1891. With their attention on offering quality services and extremely competitive prices, they distribute over 25,000 products to over 30,000 market and stores. Their distribution center is placed intelligently across the country covering 22 states, with majority on the eastern side of the united states.

#2: McLane Company: McLane is one of the largest distributors in the country. They started in 1894 and are currently distributing grocery and drug store, alcohol supplies and food services. They also are involved in servicing convenience stores, chain restaurants and retailers that sell alcoholic beverages. They have 80 distribution centers all around the country, with the supply of over 50,000 products to over 90,000 locations. In spite of the large costumers, McLane are known to offer quality service and deliver on time.

#3: KY Closeouts Incorporated: KY Closeouts distributes several products such as; beverages, snacks, candy, cosmetics, cleaning supplies and more. They deliver the best closeouts, general merchandise, cleaning, and food products on the market. KY closeout is located at Tompkinsville, Kentucky.

#4: Farner-Bocken company: Farner-Bocken supplies products, programs and ideas to customers since they started in 1939. This company is an operated distributor of convenience food service products. Their supply of over 14,000 products includes ice creams, groceries, tobacco, cigarettes, paper, beverages, snacks, candy and convenience foods.

#5: Core-Mark: This company started in 1888. They service over 29,000 stores and markets across the United States. Their focus is majored on buying and supplying of general merchandise, beauty and health products having 28 distribution centers spread across the United States. They boast about their on-time delivery, competitive pricing and full-service marketing. 

#6: Muswick LLC: They supply a wide range variety of products such as; automotive, bags, soda and beverages, confections, health and beauty, cleaning supplies, snacks, cigarettes, tobacco, racks and more. Muswick is located in little rock, Arkansas United States.

These distributors are reliable. Remember, connecting with the right distributor for your product will increase your sales, make your business grow and give you a hedge over your competitors. 

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C-Store Food Distributor Trends

C-Store Food Distributor Trends

With diverse kinds of changes constantly taking place in the food distribution industry, it is essential that distributors adopt means to adapt to these changes. It is no new thing that the retail space has taken a shift and several changes are occurring as the day goes by. In order for distributors to fit into this atmosphere of change and meet the needs of the retailers, they must change certain things in their mode of supply also.

Over the years, in the distribution chain, distributors have faced series of problems as well as they have been opened to numerous opportunities. The ability to stay strong and combine both challenges and opportunities effectively has helped so many distribution companies thrive today by growing their profits and aiding better customer service.

The interesting part of this constant change and evolution in the industry is that it is accompanied with new strategies and means to handle these challenges distributors encounter. If utilized and taken advantage of, ease will be the result in providing solutions to customers’ needs faster.

Majority of these changes are results of trends penetrating the distribution sector and altering the normal patterns of distribution companies in the world. With some of these trends contributing positively to distribution companies, it is also a source of loss having a negative impact on other distributors.

Some of the trends determining the operation of distribution companies are mentioned below:

  • Investment in technology
  • E-commerce
  • Increase in competition

#1: Investment in Technology: Many distribution companies are beginning to see the essence of making business distributions. Whereas, many distributors have been stagnant using obsolete software systems that are helping to provide relevant information quickly and effectively. Due to this, many companies have shifted their focus to bring about truly integrated software that will connect various aspects of the business. This implementation has helped companies provide a system that passes across information to all departments on time to aid effective decision making.

#2: E-commerce: Human wants are insatiable. With the frequent changes occurring in the distribution sector, customers in many industries desire a multi-channel experience that will provide easy access to relevant information throughout the time of the buying process.  As a result, shopping online has been a crucial aspect of many successful business models, as it provides customers with easy access to diverse kinds of products and relevant information that will ensure timely solutions to problems.

#3: Increase in competition: This has been a major trend in the distribution industry. Many distribution companies thrive to be the leading company by taking advantage of every resources at their disposal. As a result of this, many distribution companies merge to form an entity. This has helped distribution companies boost their operations and accessible to more resources.

The distribution sector will keep evolving as there’ll be more opportunities and problems encountered. But distributors capability to keep taking advantage of these trends will ensure growth in their businesses and customer satisfaction.

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Novelties Sold in C-stores

C Store Novelties, Wholesale

Asides from being a number one stop for emergency items, convenience stores, fondly called c-stores, are also a great source of novelties bought by people. Most times, consumers go to c-store and purchase these items on impulse and in unexpected amounts. The sales of these items are one of the major ways through which c-stores generate revenue. The sales of snacks and drinks are the only ones that generates more income for c-stores than novelty items

Novelties are fun objects, collectables, toys, trinkets, and gadgets such as phone accessories like pouches and car accessories like wireless phone chargers. They can be promotional items for establishments or gag gifts or even adult friendly toys. They can also be whimsical objects that serve no particular purpose such as toffee hammers and X-ray specs.

Animation and comic characters are often made into big toys and small ones which are purchased by people who like them. Candies which are imitations of their colors and form are also made as novelties and are sold in c-stores. Seasonal candies are also examples of novelties sold in large quantities by c-stores. Candies are made in different sizes and shapes and colors in commemoration of the season. These candies are mainly used as gifts for little ones and friends. During seasonal celebrations like Halloween, Easter and Christmas, the sales of novelties has been observed to increase.

Car key holders, wireless car chargers and some other accessories are novelty products commonly purchased in c-stores. These items are bought on impulse by buyers. The buyers are usually attracted to the items and thus, buy them even though they have no prior plan to.

To arouse the interests of their customers, c-store owners and managers arrange novelty items in attractive ways. They may arrange candies close to the cash counters such that the customer is encouraged to buy while he or she is paying for his or her initial purchase. Sometimes, they arrange the items in special racks that make them look attractive to prospective buyers.

The availability of novelty items in c-stores is a factor that will affect the sale of such items. Their continued presence on c-stores racks means continued sales and more profits because they contribute quite a chunk of the profits of a c-store. They are sources of commissions from companies promoting their products. Also, the profit margin from selling novelties is quite high. Therefore, to ensure an all-time availability of novelty products, c-store managers purchase them in wholesale from distributors and wholesalers that supply them.

There are wholesalers and distributors which deal exclusively in the supply of novelties to c-stores. These wholesalers supply c-stores with varieties of novelty products required and requested by the store manager. Some even offer special programs to help boost the sales of the products.

Novelties are very important sources of revenue for c-stores. It is pertinent that they are well stocked and arranged properly to excite potential buyers because they contribute a significant amount to the sales and invariably profits of a c-store.

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C-Store Products, Wholesale

C-Store Products, Wholesale

Convenience stores (c-stores) are known for selling goods that consumers need during emergencies and good they use on a daily basis. Hence, the name ‘Convenience Stores’ or ‘C-stores’ for short.

The racks of c-stores are hosts to a variety of products that are usually purchased by consumers.

However, c-stores buy these products in large amounts from the wholesalers. The following are generalized categories of these products:

Grocery and food items

The most sought-after products in c-stores are grocery items. Canned and dry food items such as loaves of bread, pastas, canned meat, chili, and sometimes pickles and mayonnaise are ordered in bulk from wholesale distributors and sold in c-stores. These products are usually in high demand by their customers. Dairy products such milk and cheese are also products found in c-stores.

Over-the-counter Medicines

Medicines such as aspirin, cough syrup, lip balm, and lozenges which are licensed to be sold without prescription are some of the medications that can be purchased in c-stores. 

Drinks and Beverages

Soft drinks and beverages are items of popular demand in c-stores. Juices, energy drinks, soda, and coffee are always in wholesale amounts.

Alcoholic beverages such as beer may be sold if the laws in the jurisdiction of the c-store permit it. However, they are often sold in small amounts; thus, the purchase of alcoholic drinks from wholesale distributors is always limited.

Snacks and Fast Food

Nuts, chips, sweet cakes, candies, chewing gum, dried meat snacks and other kinds of snacks are most purchased in c-stores. Most c-stores also offer fast food products to their customers. Sandwiches, hot dog, pizza, salad and so on are some of the fast food items they serve their hungry customers.

Beauty Care Products

Basic personal essentials such as shampoo, deodorant and toiletries are common items found in c-stores. Diapers and toilet papers and beauty-care products can also be found in c-stores. Often, these items are purchased during emergencies and the peculiarity of c-stores makes them the option for consumers to go get them.

Automotive and DIY items

Tobacco, batteries, flashlights, candles, automotive items like windshield cleaners and cleaning fluid, transmission fluid and motor oil are items found in c-stores. Most of these products are needed by consumers due to emergencies or they are purchased on impulse due their availability on the store racks.

In conclusion, the range of products found on c-stores racks are very important for the store’s success and thus profits. If customers can’t find the items they need when they come knocking, the store is not living up to its purpose. It is therefore imperative that c-store owners purchase the products in bulk from wholesale distributors to ensure their continued availability at all times. Doing this would ultimately ensure their sustained profitability.

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C Store Wholesale Distributors

C Store Wholesale Distributors

A convenience store is not convenient if the customers can’t find what they want to buy. Therefore, c-stores owners and managers are always seeking the best suppliers for the goods they want to sell. And c-store wholesale distributors are the point of call.

C-store wholesale distributors are simply distribution agents that supply c-stores with products in large quantities. They supply the goods and products requested and convenience stores then sell to the end user.

There are a lot of these agents across the nation. It is important that you identify the ones that are efficient, that deliver on time and most of all, that offer good prices. Having the best wholesale distributors in a successful c-store business means the c-store is able to sell anything its customers need at affordable prices and yet still operate with a reasonable profit margin.

Types Of C-store Wholesale Distributors

Broad-line wholesalers

These are c-store wholesale distributors that have a broad range of products they sell.  From grocery items, to beverages, to snacks and all other general merchandise. They sell them directly to the c-stores after purchasing them from the manufacturers. Most times, Broad-line wholesalers sell a limited number of brands for the different products they supply.

Product specific wholesalers

These kinds of c-store wholesale distributors sell specific kinds of products and not different varieties of products. They may be dealers in just beverages or fresh grocery products. And oftentimes, they’re specialists in ensuring the sales of the products they supply.

Rack or Wagon Jobbers

These c-store wholesalers are full-pledged wholesalers who sell their products through the racks and stalls they own in c-stores and supermarkets around the country. They have mutual agreements with the c-store owners to maintain and sell with these racks

This is a simplified classification of c-store wholesale distributors and what they do. Asides buying and selling products in large quantities, a number of them also offer other services to their customers. Some offer warehousing services and promotional support. They also serve as intermediary between the retailers that is, the c-stores, and the manufacturers. They communicate the prices, and any special offer from the manufacturers to the c-store owners. They are able to perform these other functions depending on the structure and management of their companies.

How to find Convenience Store (C-store) Wholesale Distributors

Finding the perfect match of wholesale distributors for your C-store is quite easy. There are multiple directories on the internet where you can identify the ones that fit your description of a perfect supplier.

There are some organizations that provide these directories online and offline. You can reach out to these organizations and consult them for your choice of distributors.

On a final note, there are numerous options of c-store wholesale distributors available but most importantly, the perfect choice of one is a key decision to make because it affects the availability of goods in your store and invariably, the profits you will make.

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Convenience Stores Distributor Trends

C Store Distributor Trends

The distribution industry is constantly evolving, different changes are taking place and distributors have to constantly make adjustments to accommodate these changes. Distribution companies need to come up with new strategies in order not to get left behind. Retail sector has undergone series of changes therefore the distributors must change too to suit their needs.

There have been a lot of challenges and opportunities encountered by distributors over the years The ability to manage these challenges and opportunity has helped a lot of distribution companies develop and grow in various aspects ranging from better customer service to greater profits.

One good thing however is that, with this evolution has come a lot of new tools and factors which if managed and utilized effectively makes the entire process of handling these challenges a lot easier. Consumers needs are also changing, and distributors are looking for new ways to best provide solutions to these needs and making access to these solutions easier and faster.

Some of these changes are caused many major trends which are making waves in the distribution section causing disorder in the regular working sequence of most distribution companies around the globe. Some of the trends affects the distribution companies positively by strengthening them while others affect distributors negatively.

Notable trends that have taken over the distribution industry over the years and is currently dictating the sequence of operation of distribution companies are:

  • Online Convenience store distribution.
  • Merger.
  • Product innovation.

#1. Online Convenience distribution: This can simply be referred to as E-commerce, customers’ needs are evolving, people crave faster and easier access to information in order to provide timely solutions to problems. Online platforms are making this process easier. Almost every distribution has content on these platforms where retail traders can access information about their businesses and carryout transactions.

#2. Merger: A major trend in the distribution industry currently is the increase in competition, there’s a growing number of competitors. Different distribution companies are seeking to be at the top of the line in the distribution sector by exploring different factors and tools at their disposal. Most distributors delve in new options in their bid to grow their business

Mergers involving two or more distribution companies coming together to form a single larger entity is becoming more common. One advantage of these mergers is that more resources become available for these distribution companies. Some distribution companies also acquire various smaller distributors or businesses associated to distribution to help boost their operations.

#3. Product Innovation: The distribution industry focuses on customer satisfaction. Offering the right variety of products and services in a timely manner is a distributor’s major goal. Distributors are expanding stock, distributing larger variety, adopting available technology to project customers’ needs and creating solutions even before these problems develop. Evolution will continue to occur, but the ability of these distributors to adapt to these never-ending trends ensures that customers are satisfied and their businesses are successful.

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Popular C-Store Distributors

Popular C-Store Distributors

One of the things you’d want as a manufacturer is that your products get to your targeted audience, and your business thrives in the sphere you have found yourself. Also, United State of America is one of the biggest consumers of packaged food, and convenience food, which is why convenience stores are scattered all around, and you’d need a distributor to reach these stores.

Convenience store distributors are managements that serve as the connecting link between a manufacturer and the retailers. They help small- and large-scale manufacturers disburse their products into the market. In order to get your goods to these stores with less to worry about transportation cost, time and energy expended, you need to find a distributor and more importantly, you need to find one that agrees with your brand or niche.

If you have a retail ready product, below are a few of the popular convenience store distributors you can work with:

  • McLane
  • Core-Mark
  • HT Hackney
  • Amcon
  • Farner-Bocken company

#1: McLane: Founded in 1894. This company is one of the largest and most popular distributors in the country. They are involved in the distribution for grocery and drug store, as well as alcohol supplies and food services. They service convenience stores, chain restaurants and retail traders that sell alcoholic beverages. Proving that they are the largest distributor, they boast of 80 distribution centers across the country, and supplying over 50,000 products to over 90,000 locations. Even with the large costumers put into consideration, this company still proves to offer quality service and on time delivery.

#2: Core-Mark: Core-Mark is one of the largest and respected market distributors in Northern part of America. They began in 1888, servicing over 29,000 stores and markets across the United States. They are known for their on-time delivery, competitive pricing and full-service marketing.  With 28 distribution centers spread across the United States, they focus on purchase and delivery of general merchandise, beauty and health products.

#3: HT Hackney: Founded in 1891. They focus on offering quality services at extremely competitive prices. They ensure that their stores can completely stock their store without having to rely on other distributors. They supply over 25,000 products to over 30,000 market and stores. They have their distribution center cleverly situated across the country covering 22 states, most majored on the eastern part of the United States.

#4. Amcon: Amcon is majorly engaged in the wholesale distribution of consumer products like paper products, tobacco products, cigarettes, groceries, beverages, candy and health products. They supply over 14,000 different consumer products to about 5,000 retailers throughout the United States.

#5. Farner-Bocken: Farner-Bocken Company has been working with customers since 1939 to supply products, programs and ideas. This company is an operated distributor of convenience food service products. Their supply of over 14,000 items includes ice creams, groceries, tobacco, cigarettes, paper, beverages, snacks, candy and convenience foods. With your products ready for sale, you can approach these stores and be convinced of good sales.

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C Store Distribution Online

C Store Distribution Online

We are in the digital age; information is literally at our fingertips. There’s virtually nothing that can’t be found on the internet, with the right key word, one is able to access a huge amount of information even from the comfort of our homes. Businesses are fast seizing this opportunity to boost and advertise their products and services.

The distribution industry is not left out. Distributors are continuously updating information about their business on the internet. Literally every distribution company has an online platform ranging from websites to blogs where customers can have access to information about them and contact them. We have numerous online transactions taking place.

Distribution centers allow fast access to information and fast deliveries and this is becoming easier because of the level of information available on the internet. Customers can inquire about the availability of a particular product, the pricing, make payments and even get the distribution channel from these online platforms

As a distributor you want to make life easier for your customers by ensuring you can provide solutions to their problems in the best possible way. This brings you a satisfied customer who will in turn stay loyal to you.

There are various online strategies and tools being used by convenience store distributors:

#1. Website: If you require fast information about a particular product, service or any topic in general, the first instinct is to go on Google and search for it by simply typing the key word and over ten websites relating to the product will appear. There are countless numbers of distribution websites, every distribution company provides information about their distribution brand on their websites.

#2.  Social Media: There has been a large increase in the number of people accessing the social media. There are numerous social media platforms where people can meet and connect. Most distribution companies have accounts on these platforms where customers can gain their contact information, interact with them and inquire about their products. These platforms are also very useful for advertisement.

#3. Blog: A blog is also a website but it’s more personalized. If a distribution company owns a blog, the information available on it will be strictly about their products and services. Customers can however leave comments and share their opinions about how they feel about a particular product or service.

#4. E-mail: Electronic mails have become a popular and fast way of passing information and messages all over the world. Distributors utilize e-mails (especially newsletters) to pass information to their clients and customers, while customers utilize e-mails for the same purpose. It can also serve the purpose of advertisement.

Top distributors in the united states such as: McLane company Incorporated, Eby-Brown company H.T Hackney Company, Amcon Distributing Company, S. Abraham & Sons Incorporated among others have established their online presence, thereby, providing easy access to the company’s information that customer should know. That must be why they’re at the top of the line in the distribution business.

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