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Are You a Business Owner Or an Entrepreneur?


This is a great time for the entrepreneur. The current rash of layoffs and company closings has driven former personnel to start off their own business or purchase one.

Entrepreneurship is the new black, women and gentlemen. Publish it down.

Erika Napoletano at Redhead Creating has written an write-up posing a fascinating question. She asked her readers if they themselves had been organization owners or entrepreneurs. There is an fascinating distinction in between the two and I will bet the vast majority of her readers couldn’t answer that query.

Which are you, in fact? Are you a company proprietor or an entrepreneur?

Is there a difference?

All of you who looked at that query and asked, “What is the big difference?” raise your hands. Go on. Increase ’em higher. Now put them down and hang your head in shame for a 2nd or two prior to acknowledging that you’re in very good company. Which is what most individuals would say if a person slapped that question down in front of them.

The variation is easy. A company proprietor owns a company. They may have started out it, or purchased it from somebody else. It could be the family organization that generations have just gone into simply because it was there and it was often a element of them. It doesn’t matter. They are all enterprise owners and operators.

Operating one’s own business, although, does not make them an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur in fact started out his very own company. Fortune shines on the entrepreneur who took a brave new stage in the proper course.

If you have a wonderful idea for a enterprise and are considering about turning oneself into an entrepreneur, you ought to request your self a handful of probing inquiries before you take the plunge.

1. Are you scared to death you will fail? It is scary to contemplate becoming an entrepreneur your self. The truth is you will make massive problems and fall on your face – a great deal. If you are unable to understand from your failures and rise up and charge ahead, go on a occupation search and work for a person else.

2. Is it a issue for you to inform others what to do? It is always far more hard to lead than to stick to. If you are a follower, do not turn out to be an entrepreneur.

three. Can you think on your feet? If you can not consider and make fast, reasoned selections, do not turn out to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs encounter head on a entire new world of obstacles they in no way even considered of prior to. Many of these obstacles require a selection to be manufactured in 30 seconds or less. If you are unable to believe on the fly, do not become an entrepreneur.

4. Are you hesitant to announce your fast strategies to other people? Entrepreneurs have been referred to as fruitcakes for millenniums. Any individual with a new notion is suspect. You will obtain a good deal of sideways glances and realizing smirks as you go out into the globe as an entrepreneur. You must learn to seem them appropriate in the eye and go off and do your thing. If your skin is too thin to do that, do not become an entrepreneur.

Now you know what it takes to be an entrepreneur and how it differs from being a organization owner. If you feel entrepreneurship will operate for you, go for it large time and good luck to you.

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Author:Leonard Rogers